CRE Investors Eye Business Properties in Dallas and Arlington

The end of 2018 left both businesses and commercial real estate investors positioned for expansion over the next year. Business properties in Dallas and Arlington are going to be the focal point for 2019 and the following years, as businesses seek everything from storefronts to office space, industrial facilities, and even warehouses.

Advantages of Owning Business Properties in Arlington and Dallas

Arlington and Dallas are home to a number of industries, with more moving to those areas. Startup technology companies are looking for office space as well as warehouse facilities to carry out research and development projects. The trucking industry is looking to expand in a move to improve supply chains. The energy industry will always have a home in Texas, but there are currently growth projects that require new offices and headquarters. Commercial real estate investors in Dallas and Arlington are making plans to acquire more properties or renovate existing properties in their portfolios to attract businesses and generate even more revenue.

Business Leases Are “Low Maintenance”

Business tenants typically require less attention than residential properties. Business tenants in Dallas and Arlington usually pay for utilities, maintenance, and insurance, as well as any special modifications or build outs that need to be done. Additionally, business leases in Arlington and Dallas are for much longer terms than residential rentals. Commercial real estate investors have opportunities to generate long-term revenue with little overhead if they can attract businesses to their properties in Dallas and Arlington.

Financing Business Properties in Arlington and Dallas

Taking advantage of time-sensitive commercial real estate opportunities can be challenging. Traditional lending channels take a long time to process loans, and borrowers are subject to arbitrary interest rate hikes. Commercial real estate investors need a source of capital from a lender who understand the property markets in both Dallas and Arlington, and who can provide fast and efficient financing to cover long-term and immediate expenses. At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we specialize in solutions for commercial real estate investors and property developers in Dallas and Arlington. We offer everything from conventional loans to bridge financing, funding for new construction, and everything in between. If you want to purchase or renovate a property to attract business tenants, and need financing that is tailored to your needs, contact the experts at Caedmon Commercial Capital today.


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