Grow Your Practice with Healthcare Financing

When you first open your own practice or look to make investments to grow, you often require some type of support. Whether you are a dentist, veterinarian, chiropractor or another healthcare practitioner, Caedmon Commercial Capital is here to provide healthcare financing for your practice.

Acquire a New Practice

If you wish to go into practice on your own or expand your current practice through acquiring an existing practice, you need some financing. At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we have financing options that provide up to 100 percent of your costs for qualified medical professionals.

Working Capital

A common option for funding enhancements and expansions to your practice is working capital. With this funding, you can make changes as you see fit, including improving the building, buying new equipment, or consolidating debt. This type of healthcare financing offers:

  • No required payments upfront
  • No reporting to personal credit bureaus
  • Terms to fit your needs up to 72 months
  • Use the funds for almost any purpose

Other Financing Options

At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we also provide options for debt consolidation so that you only have to pay one low payment every month. Additionally, we have medical equipment leasing and loan options to help you pay for any new services, with up to 50 percent of the soft costs covered.

Learn More

Contact us today to find out what type of financing options fit your needs. We will send you a loan application or contact you to discuss your questions.