Boost Your Profits with Purchase Order Financing

From time to time, your business must spend money to make money. When you struggle to find the right financing, it becomes difficult to grow and expand in the ways you want. That is why we work with a national network of lenders who offer businesses purchase order financing.

The Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Many businesses, especially wholesalers, resellers, distributers and producers find that this type of financing provides a great way to afford presold goods to fulfill orders and grow their business. There are many benefits of it, including:

  • No need to sacrifice equity
  • No new bank debt
  • Deliver goods on-time
  • Fulfill large orders
  • Flexible funding
  • Fast access to money

When you need some money to meet your goals and expand your market share, this type of financing might provide the solution.

What You Need to Know

Unsure how purchase order financing works? This type of funding works well when there is a cash flow problem making it difficult to fulfill customer orders. Rather than waiting for financing, you take an advance that covers the supplies and then pay back once you are paid for the goods. Our lender provides this line of credit for domestic trade as well as import and exports.

Find Out More

Do not let limited cash flows hurt your ability to fulfill customer orders. Call us to learn how financing based on your purchase orders provides the funds you need to do your business.