Improve Your Business with a Small Business Loan

Small businesses have the option of finding financing through a small business loan through the Small Business Administration. At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we provide SBA loans as a preferred Financial Services company. This allows us to process this type of financing in a fast and effective manner. With this type of loan, you can receive up to $5 million with competitive rates and good terms.

Acquire a Business

The Small Business Administration has certain criteria businesses must meet in order to qualify for their loans for the purpose of acquiring an existing business. The most important factors include your business management and cash flow. The benefits of one of our existing business acquisition loans are:

  • Fast prequalification
  • Up to 80 percent financing
  • 15-year terms
  • Amortized and no ballooning
  • No penalties for prepayment

Improve Your Property

A small business loan works well when you wish to purchase or improve your property. You could use the money to renovate or build a new commercial property, or you can refinance your property or invest in new real estate. There are a range of business properties for which this type of loan works to finance, including veterinary practices, hotels and motels, child care facilities, nonconforming properties, single-purpose buildings, gas stations, car dealerships and service shops, car washes and more. With improvements to your property with one of our loans, you can reach your business goals and boost your profits.

Have Top of the Line Equipment

It is common for technology to outpace your ability to purchase it. Rather than working with old and outdated equipment, get a loan to cover equipment financing. This works well for almost any industry, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Trucking
  • Laundry
  • Printing
  • Medical

Learn More

At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we work with lenders who have a variety of loans available for businesses to grow. Contact us today to learn more about SBA loans and discuss your needs to find if it is the right financing fit for your business.