Small Businesses in Arlington, TX Need More Funding Options

Arlington is a cultural, educational, and corporate center in northern Texas. As a home to a major university, host to professional sports teams, and a center for manufacturing and assembly, it’s no surprise that many small businesses are launching in Arlington, TX. Yet for entrepreneurs to grow and thrive in Arlington, TX they need a financial and competitive edge.

Arlington small business owners need lenders who will listen

Arlington, TX offers a number of opportunities for businesses ranging from niche products and services on up to large B2B corporations. Business owners can cater to the college crowd, tourists, technology, transportation, and much more. The issue is that lenders do not understand the various dynamics of the city, nor do they understand the needs and goals of business owners. The right lender is one who is willing to take the time to learn how your business works, where it fits in the economic ecology of Arlington, and how it becomes a long-term success.

Overall profitability should be a bigger concern than bottom-line numbers

Traditional lenders have a “one size fits all” approach to businesses. Lenders have requirements and want to see bottom-line figures. If businesses meet those requirements, they get funding. If they miss one or more, they are turned down. Arlington, TX business owners need a lender who can see the same vision they do. Many new and small businesses do not have the credit ratings or established financial history to qualify for traditional loans. A lender should be able to see the overall profitability of a business and take that into account when processing a loan request.

Arlington, TX businesses need more funding options

Not all business financing needs can be solved by a standard loan. Some businesses would be better off with a line of credit which could be drawn upon as needed. Other Arlington businesses are suffering from a depressed cash flow due to unpaid invoices. Factoring solutions could easily correct cash flow issues without placing debt on the books. Other businesses need something robust yet flexible, such as a cash advance. For those Arlington, TX businesses looking to grow their operations, purchase order financing might be in order. All of the above can be arranged quickly and scaled to the needs of the business owner.

At Caedmon Commercial Capital, we serve the business owners of Arlington, TX by offering a wide range of accessible financing solutions. Our team has the years of experience to understand the needs of small businesses and to create solutions to help local entrepreneurs reach their goals. Contact our offices today to learn more.


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